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Review: Woahnows – Understanding And Everything Else.

10006320_732904426808248_8072721229982910885_nThe Woahnows, Monday will be releasing their debut album, Understanding and Everything Else, through Big Scary Monster Records. The band will be on a short tour from Sunday in anticipation of the release, where we can see a collection of all the things that this band do really well.

On this album they really do bring that Indie Punk sound that this band do so well, with some indie guitars but that raw vocal that punk really is known for. There’s an emotion here behind the vocals, that give this album a great sound, this shows straight from the beginning of the album – this band have a great vocalist and this shows throughout the record.

The guitars bring that slightly indie vibe that melds perfectly with the lyrics, with an easy rhythm to them that makes this album so easy to listen to throughout. Tracks such as Machono, really exemplify those great guitar sounds. The Woahnows have really some great music here, with good melodies and beats throughout, the drums compliment the guitars perfectly too, Neutral Haste being an example of it all coming together well.

This album is filled with highlights and very hard to dislike, tracks like Here And Now stick out to me, and opener, Sounds Like Spitting just has that punk vibe to perfectly open this album for them. The group vocals on this record are awesome too, Life In Reverse just makes this clear, maybe it feels a little slow sometimes, but each song is certainly worth giving a listen to – it’s the kind of record I’d listen to all Summer long.

You can listen to a complete stream of the new album on the Rocksound site right now, and you should definitely listen to this, one of the best debut records for a long time. The Woahnows have made a great record and released it just at the right time.



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