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Review: The Wealden – Rushes EP.

thewealdenRushes, the new EP from The Wealden came out recently, and will soon be showcasing in London, so this is a good time to give the duo a listen. Creating an art rock sound, The Wealden have created a unique sound here that can’t be compared very easily.

The unique vocals working with the beats the duo have created here, are really quite groovy, with some interesting guitar work, and the range of vocals make it work, tracks such as Lifeline are difficult to not to nod your head while you’re listening, and this continues on tracks such as My Sign too.

Blue & Gold however moves towards a more acoustic sound and a more gentler vocal, which rounds off the EP with a subtle melody and some really lovely vocals, that work easily together, its a slow burning track that is easy to unwind to at the end of a long day, where the other tracks are more dancey and have a nice groove to them, making it seem out of place.

This is a great effort from The Wealden, and certainly worh a listen for tracks such as Lifeline and My Sign, which have great melodies that work well with the vocal range the singer has here, certainly a unique bringing together of sounds, these songs are impossible not to like really.



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