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Review: Mumford & Sons – Wilder Mind.

Mumford & Sons have returned recently after a hiatus and some odd collaborations with members of other bands. Known for their folk acoustic sound on previous records, this feels more rock or alternative than previous, which is a good thing as they headline Reading and Leeds on the August Bank Holiday.

Changing direction on this record works, with a lot more big melodies on this record, and more synth in this record compared, and as it’s used well and woven in to the songs, it’s classy, tracks such as Believe and The Wolf show that, making for a distinctive album that makes for a clear new path for this band, no matter how long they are around this time.

Marcus Mumford’s vocals are tested differently on this record, but it is in a good way, with a more softer, more atmospheric sound to the record, the changes suits this album, particularly on such songs like the title track Wilder Mind. There is parts of the record that harken back, tracks such as The Smoke, however this record takes on a more out there and spacey vibe, that is done quite well.

There’s a lot of good here, with some good melodies and the vocal strength is still there and that goes on throughout the record. Some songs do sound quite similar, in places and it feels slightly bland not helped by the confused sound on this record. Tracks that stand out are The Smoke, Wilder Mind and Broad Shouldered beasts, which tend to be the tracks where the band has stuck to their roots.

A solid record where it gets better as it goes on, it is worth a listen if you’re a loyalist or new to their sound, this album has enough good things to know it’s gonna get difficult to avoid this band this year.



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