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Review: Panic Island – Cabin Fever EP.

Panic_Island_Cabin_Fever_EPPanic Island are releasing their new EP next week, Cabin Fever. The EP has three tracks and all three are pretty good, with a great alternative rock sound which creates ten minutes of great music. Paul Tipler who has worked with Idlewild and The Horrors produces this EP and the quality shows throughout these tracks.

We Start Fires opens the EP, with a big bass line and has a big hook straight from the start of the song, you may not like the song, but you’ll know the chorus with an infectious sound, and use of vocals that really show the talent that is found in this duo. It may be simply written but the big sounding melody here makes up for it here.

Temples continues this EP with some big guitar sounds and vocal layers that enhance the music, with some great synth sounds that bring this song to life really and that continues on tracks such as City Screams as well, which continues and finishes this EP in the same vein. The vocals sound really good throughout and the slickness of the production works perfectly with the aims of the band, as the songs work incredibly well together.

There’s a lot of good here, with big hooks and some great melodies that work together really well, in fact I’d say there was not enough. I think there’s a great amount of talent here and it’s certainly worth a listen when it’s released next week.

You can find out more about the band on their Facebook.




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