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Review: The Story So Far – Self Titled.

 The Story So Far, are back and gracing my speakers once again, with their new self titled record which is released via Pure Noise Records on May 18th, who are making some excellent pop punk, with bands such as Forever Came Calling and Hit The Lights making some great records on the label, I hope this record is no exception.

This record is not what I expected, with a more thought out pace, but I really like it all the same, the youthful aggression has passed it seems and the melodies and the rawness of the vocals is still there, taking the best parts of their earlier records and adding some great guitars and sounds that truly makes this record really awesome to listen to.

That’s not to say that the streak of aggressive sounds is gone, late in the record tracks such as Phantom and Scowl, however even here the progression in the sound is incredibly clear. Lyrically there’s not much change, though it’s certainly improved compared to Under Soil And Dirt with more depth and a poetry to it. Tracks such as Solo stand out, with some lines that are going to be a Tumblr edit eventually, Phantom and Distaste are also really well written and some of the highlights of the album.

The guitars are done subtlely a lot on this record, but this doesn’t make them any less great, with some great melodies and this shows throughout the record. The band have explored better on this record with different recording styles and it’s certainly made this album stand out.

There’s a lot of good things here, it’s impossible to really find something I don’t like about it, this band have clearly put in a lot of work in making this record their best, and I think so far in this band’s existence, it is.

You can listen to a stream of the new album pretty much anywhere, but Rocksound have one.




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