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Review: Radio Room – 92II93.

Formed in 2011, the Dublin Quartet Radio Room have been gaining fans, and 92II93, will be the bands first record, the recording beginning in March of 2014, and now the release comes next week. As the band are set to release their first full length, the band certainly have had plenty of time to make a great record and that is exactly what they did.

The rough vocals that this band have, really works with the melodies they have made here on this record, giving it an atmsophere and that draws you in. Tracks like Better Now really show this, the group vocals on this track really make it stand out, the repetitiveness working on this track, reminiscent of bands such as The World Is A Beautiful Place..’. or Hotel Books.

There’s some great melodies, and the guitars really take centre stage when it comes to the music on this album. The guitars are very good throughout the record, opening track What You Heard really shows this, but so does the rest of the record, with some big riffs that set this band apart. Radio Room really did make something interesting on this record, and if you like an alternative atmospheric sound, which is given a new lease of life on this album, it’s perfect for you.

It’s an inspired debut for this band, who made a very well crafted record here. Radio Room have a clever way with music throughout and a lyrically strong record, the vocals enhancing the writing giving it depth and in places a sound that makes it relevant, particularly on tracks such as Who We Owe and Curtain Call, where this really shown well.



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