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Review: Miss Vincent – Reasons Not To Sleep EP.

Artwork Reasons Not To SleepSouthampton spooksters, Miss Vincent released Reasons Not To Sleep this week, just before a short tour of the UK, playing London on the 26th of this month. There’s a lot of good on this EP, Miss Vincent have a strong sound throughout these tracks and are certainly consistent at making some great rock songs, with great guitars and some awesome vocals.

DNR begins with a deep rumbling sound, really showing your eardrums whose boss from the start of the song, with some great production that enables this record to really make clear the best parts of this record, the drums and guitars in particular working incredibly well together. This shows particularly on tracks such as Shogun Queen and Gradients of Grey, where the musicians work effortlessly together.

The writing is good here too, with some good lines on this EP, and some catchy hooks particularly on opening track DNR, but also there’s some good choruses in How Much Further and ‘You Can’t Spell Blame Without..’ which rounds off this record incredibly well. The vocals are strong throughout and this band certainly have a great vocalist in Alex Marshall, whose voice works so well on this EP.

A band with a lot of potential from what’s on this record, certainly worth giving a listen you can hear first single How Much Further here.




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