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Review: Trash Boat – Brainwork EP.

Hopeless Records most recent signing, Trash Boat release their new EP on Monday, Brainwork. Trash Boat follow in the footsteps of Neck Deep and Roam who have seen success on Hopeless Records after being it’s first international signings to the label, and so this band have a lot to live up to on their first release with the company.

Duncan’s vocals are excellent throughout the EP, tracks like Thrice and Perspective really display the raw vocal he has, but it works with the melodies the band have made on this record. The writing is pretty good too, and really shows maturity with the lyrics, and a depth that is rarely seen in such a young band, the band only being formed last year. This band have got far in a small amount of time, and it’s not shocking listening to this record, which really shows how good this band are.

The rhythm section on this EP, is awesome, with some good drum beats and guitar riffs that work well together, some might call it generic, but this band have given themselves a sound of their own. This EP certainly is how to introduce yourself to a scene that is laden with talent here in the UK right now, and finding a unique place in it, getting more and more difficult.

There’s a lot of good on this record, Perspective and As Seen On Screen being highlights of a very strong EP, it’s a EP to build from and certainly worth giving a listen to, which you can do on the Kerrang! website, the link you can find here.



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