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Review: Diamond Youth – Nothing Matters.

Diamond Youth, one of Topshelf Records hidden gems release their short but sweet record this week, made up of 31 minutes of great music. Hailing from Baltimore, the band are great live, as seen on tour with Citizen in the UK last year – this band is certainly worthy of more recognition, I think this album shows that.

There’s some big sweeping melodies throughout the record that are really nice to listen to, tracks such as Thought I Had It Right and In The Clouds, have some great guitar work and a subtle sound that really suits this record – I feel like these might be those perfect tracks for a live show as people join with the huge hook of a chorus.

The writing isn’t particularly complex but where it really shines is the strong vocals this band have and the sound they have created on this record that really makes each song work well together. The vocal range of Gilman is incredible and is pushed throughout the record, tracks such as The Nothing really show this well, with high athmospheric notes that work in perfect unity with the drums and riffs on this song. Title track Nothing Matters, which opens the album, really illustrates these things too, one of the best songs I’ve heard open a record for a while.

There is a huge amount of quality is on this album and certainly worth a listen for the powerful vocals and the groovy sounds that are made on this record that set it apart in a very unique way. There’s a great vibe throughout this record, that make it worth giving a listen from start to finish – it’s impossible not to like a song on this album, with some great power pop rock vibes that work amazingly well.

You can hear the new record on Spotify right now.



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