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Review: Fire In The Radio – Telemetry.

fire in the radio telemetry coverFire In The Radio released their latest record, Telemetry last week through Wednesday Records. The band who have done shows recently with bands such as Knapsack are really building a fanbase and deservedly so, with good live reviews coming their way and a really great sound on this record.

The album has a lot of alternative rock vibes going on, the riffs really coming to the fore on this album from the start of the album, tracks like Luna I’ll Be Home Soon wouldn’t be the song it is without a twangy guitar sound throughout the song, that sets it apart on this album. Bury also stands out musically, the album isn’t extravagant, it’s quality is subtle and it’s no bad thing.

Lyrically speaking, there’s some hooks on tracks such as The Push and good writing on songs like Are We On Tonight? That are noteworthy on this record, it’s simply good writing on this album, with tracks like Stacks and Motor Boys And Girls having a very raw vibe to them, not reliant on rhyming, this band work hard to weave these lyrics with the melodies and it works incredibly well throughout the record. June 14th, opens the record and it’s pretty clear why, kickstarting this record perfectly.

There’s a lot of good work on this record, a blend of big alt rock guitars and great drum work, with writing that really is very good in places on this record, with a sound that throwbacks to the nineties, which really works well here. Fire In The Radio have done a great job on this album and a great debut record from this band who are just going places.



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