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Review: Come And Rest – Blacklist EP.

blacklistCome And Rest have recently dropped their new EP, Blacklist, for fans of bands such as While She Sleeps or Vanna, the band have six tracks here of pure havok for your eardrums. Blacklist is the follow up to 2013’s Royal Blood, where the demand for this had band begun to grow, and this EP sounds like it could do the same.

This EP comes in at a great pace, with huge guitars and drum beats that kick ass, Millenials opens with a blast of them both that shocks your ears awake, and this continues throughout on tracks such as Soapbox, which has a huge chorus – this EP is a tribute to their influences with vibes of Bring Me The Horizon for example really showing through, but this band making it their own very clearly. Feeding Crows (Evermore) is one of the highlights on this EP, with some great melodies and a guitar sound that really makes this track stand out – I’d say the track that you should definitely give a listen to on Blacklist.

Vocally strong throughout, the EP has a rippingly raw sound on every track, straight from the start. The voice is one of the biggest strengths of this band, and fortunately they have some good stuff to sing about, with great lyrics and some big hooks – Soapbox and Slowburn come to mind and with musicians like that backing the vocals up, it makes for some really excellent listening right to the end.

This EP, is very very good, with some of the best parts of metalcore to be found on this EP, my criticism would be that there’s too little. Blacklist is certainly worth giving a listen to, Come And Rest have made a great foundation to go on and do bigger things in the future.



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