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Review: Seafair – The Querencia.

thequerenciaSeafair are a diverse band, with some classically trained members and some members who have their roots in punk, allowing for a very rounded sound from this band which makes for some very interesting listening. The Querencia brings together violin and drums amazingly well. Seafair are a band with a unique sound, and this album folows up on their critically acclaimed EP’s, this album deserves that same attention.

The vocals work melodically with the music made on this record, a perfect match with the musicians, which makes this album sound so perfectly sophisticated – the production efforts on this making each parts significance clear throughout the record. Chayla Hope’s vocals are incredible on this record consistently, tracks such as Ohio really show that with a fine balance of great lyrics and delightful choruses that really show the vocal talents this lady has.

The music, particularly the violins are terrific on this album, sometimes subtle but not less important, it works throughout the record, songs like Birdhouse, would be worse off without the way the musicians are used throughout the track and the record. This is a band that sounds like it works perfectly together, the drums and strings on the track Discovery demonstrates just how each parts work together so well.

This album sounds perfect throughout, the vocals are great and the musicians have made a awesome sound together and they have a great writer making songs that this band really formed and developed into such good songs – and this is clear throughout the album. I can’t really find fault with it at all. I’m not really quite sure what genre Seafair is, but whatever it is, it is composed quite perfectly on The Querencia and is definitely worth a listen if you like rock, but also if you like classical.



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