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Review: George Ezra – Radio One’s Big Weekend, Norwich 24/05/2015.

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George Ezra

George Ezra in the last year has exploded into popularity with debut album Wanted On Voyage selling over a million copies in it’s first year, and tracks such as Budapest being played anywhere you go. Inspired by people such as Bob Dylan and folk roots, George is one of the plethora of male vocalists which have come to the fore after the rise of Ed Sheeran and Ben Howard.

There’s no criticising this man’s voice which makes him sound like my grandad in a young man’s body, and a old school way of writing, tracks like Listen To The Man really make that clear, and one of the highlights of the set along with Blame It On Me, some of the more known tracks from his album. Ezra’s voice live sounded exactly like it would on record and a delight to listen to.

My one point of contention is that he’s not particularly interesting to watch, often being distracted by what his band are doing due to his lack of presence on stage, and when you’re at music festival, it’s kind of important to hold people’s attention, and it was very difficult for him to do that for me.

If you love this guy, I’m sure it was a great set, tracks like Barcelona and Budapest were beautifully sung, just there needs to be more stagecraft, however with only taking his first headline tour last year, he has plenty of time to work on that.

You can hear George play Did You Hear The Rain? Here.



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