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Review: Lower Than Atlantis – Radio One’s Big Weekend, Norwich 24/05/2015.


Lower Than Atlantis – H/T to Lucy Caswell

In charge of opening the In New Music We Trust stage, Lower Than Atlantis had to wake up people who probably just had lunch, and I think they took this responsibility very seriously in their half a hour set on Sunday, where they did made a great first impression.

The band were playing tracks off their new self titled record, which is full of big choruses and huge melodies which they really made clear on the day, playing some of the highlights from the new records, tracks like Emily and English Kids In America getting everyone singing along with those big choruses.

I’ve reviewed Lower Than Atlantis before and they are consistent with how good their live show is and this set was no different, really getting that crowd going and beginning the festival with a bang (of drums of course) and some big guitars, that are certainly worth giving a listen to if you like rock music, songs like Words Don’t Come So Easily and Ain’t No Friend made it clear during their short set.

Lower Than Atlantis were great but a band who have yet to reach their peak, I think this band have greater things coming for them and it’s going to be well deserved. Mike Duce’s vocals are second to none and Sunday made that clear, with his writing as well, there’s so much more this band could do. If you liked them at the Big Weekend and hadn’t seen them before, go see them headline, it’s worth it.





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