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Review: Ratboys – AOID.

AOID cover artRatboys are currently on tour across the US in support of AOID which they release next month, but you can stream through their bandcamp now. Ratboys have created a folk inspired rock album here and it’s very good, with a sound that is unique to the band and unique to their label – Topshelf Records have plethora of great artists, and Ratboys are another.

The female vocals on this record courtesy of Julia Steiner are really easy to listen to, and with the acoustic melodies on some tracks, it’s a very sweet record, songs like Charles Bernstein really stand out in that way, the two things matching up perfectly on that song, however the vocals and guitars work great together throughout the album.

The folk sound runs through the whole record and so the guitars run through the whole album, and it’s such a joyous record and the melodies reflect that, Postman Song is one of my favourites, but Ratboys maintain a high standard throughout the record. There’s also a lot of delicate drum work, with some great rhythms on the record, tracks like Bugs! Really show that. Ratboys with this record have really shown how simplicity is a very good thing, the songs not ovely complicated and it works here.

Ratboys on AOID prove that less is more, with some upbeat tempos and some slow but sweet folk melodies that work perfectly together, this is a perfect record for a long drive during the oncoming Summer. Steiner has some incredibly unique vocals and the writing is their own style, something that I really enjoyed on this record. There is a lot of talent in this band and they are certainly worth giving a listen to, an album littered with highlights.




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