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Review: Make Them Suffer – Old Souls.

unnamed (3)Australia have been churning out many great bands lately, and to some people, some not so good, however this band is certainly one of the great ones. Following up from the band’s first album, Neverbloom, Old Souls is a raw and agressive record (for the most part) from the start with vocals that rip through your eardrums with ease.

With a foundation of big guitar hooks and some great drum work, Make Them Suffer have some great metal credentials, however the interludes on this record using violins and piano in places, is also very good, Scraping The Barrel and Through The Looking Glass being excellent pieces of music – and these are intertwined perfectly on this record with the instrumental pieces connecting each metal song really well.

The vocals are excellent and clear throughout, the high quality production really making this clear, the raw and  brutal sound works perfectly whereever it appears and is used well on this record and really shows this band know how to get the best out of themselves and I think it shows on this album throughout. The combined female and male vocals on Blood Moon and Timeless sound effortless – this is an album that is well thought through and certainly recommended for people who like Bring Me The Horizon or While She Sleeps, who are also known for doing this style so well.

This album is very good, consistent through out, Make Them Suffer, certainly do not make their listener suffer, with an excellent blend of instrumental pieces in Requiem and Through The Looking Glass to that raw aggression that this band do well on tracks such as Threads and Let Me In. Old Souls is an excellent effort from a band who are making a comeback – the band tour the UK and Australia very soon, and you can hear the album on Australia Hysteria now.




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