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Review: Coast To Coast – Lessons Learned EP.

11206683_717813281661611_3346600591712818618_oHailing from Nagoya, Japan, Coast To Coast are rising stars in pop punk, having support slots for bands such as State Champs and Pvris already and they don’t plan to stop there, as they tour their home country in support of new EP, Lessons Learned, which is released tomorrow, June 4th.

Some may call it generic, but there’s some great music being made by this band with big hooks and those guitars that you can associate with bands like State Champs and Neck Deep, that work so well all the way through this EP. Tracks like Empty and Veils, Visions, Fading are both very good tracks and really display some great talent from this band – that second track reminiscent of Hit The Lights, keeping that classic pop punk sound, that works great for this band.

The vocals are really strong throughout and one of the great strengths of this band’s sound and there’s some really good writing here, this is a band who certainly are able to write a chorus, that’s made clear on Empty and Gravity – where they really make it clear they know how to get people singing along with them, which is really something a good pop punk band should be doing.

This band make it clear here what their sound is throughout, giving a consistent performance on their EP, Lessons Learned is certainly for the band a place to really learn their craft, and they’ve learnt a lot from what I can hear, in the future I want to see what more this band can add to pop punk, cos it should be interesting whatever they do.



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