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Review: This Century – Soul Sucker.

Soul Sucker will be This Century last album together as a band as they move on to their own projects, a year in the making due to Kanitz having operations on his vocal chords, there’s been a long break between albums, Soul Sucker being the follow up to 2013’s  Biography Of Heartbreak. You can listen to the album on Spotify now.

Joel Kanitz’s voice is completely on form throughout the record, he has an incredibly easy to listen to voice and it’s not obvious this guy has had surgery at all, he sounds great throughout and I am certainly looking forward to his future solo work. The writing though in places repetitive, there are some great songs, Soul Sucker and Hot Friends come to mind.

The melodies are great throughout, but not new ground, an album where Kanitz really shines throughout, making these songs his for the taking really, songs like Relapse really showing off his vocal range perfectly – Soul Sucker, the opening track really shows this too, giving a real Prince vibe to the song, and it really works altogether. The album is produced perfectly and the songs work incredibly well together, some really great pop songs here. The subtle drumwork does allow for some great beats, there’s a lot of use of synth still but it’s not heavy and makes for easy listening.

Soul Sucker is a great album to finish on for a band that has many highlights in it’s repertoire, it’s sad to see them go, after tracks like Circles in their early career, Sound Of Fire and songs like Slow Dance Night and My Weakness on Biography Of Heartbreak that really do show the talents of this band, Soul Sucker continues that high quality of sound that this band do really well throughout their records. Highlights of this album are Hot Friends, Heaven and Wonder Why, certainly a band that’s ending on a high note.



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