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Review: Sumo Cyco – Lost In Cyco City.

sumocycoSumo Cyco are a band on a trajectory right now, and deservedly so, after winning the John Lennon Songwriting prize last year, and are now heading on to Warped Tour for ten dates this summer beginning in California. The band also release their new album, Lost In Cyco City on June 10th, and so far so good.

Following on from them winning th songwriting competition, there’s a lot of good writing throughout this record with some big hooks and good lines that really show the skills that this band have lyrically – tracks like Fuel My Fire and Fighter, their single, really show the writing talent this band have, making it clear why they won the prize last year.

Vocally this band is strong, Sever has a great voice and the screaming blended with her vocals are excellent throughout, giving this record a raw edge, even though the sound is very polished and produced excellently. This band has certainly made an album that works really well all together from beginning to end, The Ugly and My Name Is Rock N Roll begin and end the album and are both highlights of this record.

From a music perspective, there’s some big guitars and drums on this record all the way through, Go Go Go, being an excellent example of some great drum runs that really give that song its agression, and that’s also the case on Cry Murder, where the drums working with the guitars are really quite awesome.

Sumo Cyco have made a very unique record and it’s certainly worth giving a listen for a unique combination of screamo and pop vocals with some big riffs and drum beats, that really show this band have gone all out on this album – playing this live, might be exhausting to watch, but certainly worth listening to. Lost In Cyco City is certainly a record made by a band who has certainly found their sound, and I hope there’s a lot more to come from it.



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