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Review: Sea Of Storms – Dead Weight.

sea of stormsVirginia trio, Sea Of Storms release their record through Self Aware/Tor Johnson Records this week on the 9th June. Featuring members of bands such as Mouthbreather, The Set-Up and Race The Sun, the band are touring throughout June in support of this album, an album promised to be a great rock record, the band have a lot of expertise in how to make one.

The rough production does this band very little favours, however there are some great attributes to this record, that raw vocal works incredibly well, feeling like a throwback to the nineties alternative sound, and this shows throughout the record. Brandon Peck’s vocals are action packed and work well with the musicians.

The guitars throughout are pretty heavy, making for an excellent rhythm section, songs like Snake Oil and Exit Strategy really illustrate the riffs on this record are spot on, giving the record a real rock sound throughout and working with the drums on this album, it really does sound good – there’s a lot of talent here, but nothing really that sets them apart in a scene which is getting bigger and bigger with each new record, this record isn’t particularly unique, which is surprising for a band made up of members of other bands, who could be bringing in new ideas, however this is their first album.

Sea Of Storms have a good record, be it slightly generic, there’s some great riffs and big drum solos on this album that do set them apart a little, and make this album an interesting listen – it’s a band who certainly know the strengths of their band, which is no bad thing. Dead Weight is a good collection of talent and songs, highlights of this record are Snake Oil, Dead Weight and Cedar Run, worth a listen if you like a good rock band. You can find out more about the band through their Facebook page here.



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