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Review: Eyes Of A Blue Dog – Hamartia.

Anglo-Norwegian trio, Eyes Of A Blue Dog, release their second album this week, Hamartia, the follow up to debut record, Rise which brought them much acclaim. A band with an alternative pop feel with a theme around pleasure and hedonism, this album certainly conjures up a lot of imagery, and a lot of great music to boot.

Nygaard’s vocals are flawless throughout this record, with an ethereal sound to her voice, and it works perfectly with the melodies the band have made on this record, tracks like Spin Me, make this fundamentally clear at the start of the record. Tracks like Desire also give a unique sound, and really illustrate the theme of the record, making for a consistent but interesting listen throughout, Hamartia being another highlight of the record, it’s no shock they named their album after it.

Eyes Of A Blue Dog have a unique collection of instruments at their disposal, and that makes for some great and intriguing music, the use of trumpet on Unhappy Mondays for example is interesting and laces so well with the melodies – this band are certainly a band that know the music they are going to make, and the use of alternative instruments sets them apart – the interludes show this too. The collaboration with Fyfe Dangerfield from Guillemots on Before The Night Ends is outstanding and one of the highlights of Hamartia.

Hamartia is an interesting record to listen to, produced perfectly and with the vocals does work well, it can feel slow and sometimes I think that they could do so much more with what they have, However there’s a lot of great melodies and Nygaard’s vocals are so easy to listen to, it makes for some easy listening which can set the mood. Highlights of this album are Unhappy Mondays, Spin Me and Hamartia.



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