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Review: Alvarez Kings – Fear To Feel EP.

alvarez kings fear to feel cover lo resOut next week via Sire and Warner Records, Fear To Feel is the latest EP from British Indie Pop band, Alvarez Kings, who are on Warped Tour for the whole of Summer once again. Fear To Feel is released on the 16th June and you can give first single Tell Tale Heart through the Billboard website here.

Thompson’s vocals are excellent here, and the writing if a little simple does create the atmosphere, particularly on opening track, Run From You. Lyrically it’s not robust however on Fear To Feel it works to the albums melodies and works altogether almost perfectly through the record.

The melodies on track like Tortured & The Tears and the title track, Fear To Feel are perfectly match the the vocals and makes for some interesting listening, reminiscent of bands such as Divided By Friday or Imagine Dragons, Fear To Feel is certainly set apart by the inventiveness of the band with a good use of synth and a great use of guitars that work throughout this EP.

Fear To Feel is an excellent EP and I hope this record is the beginning of an album as Alvarez Kings have certainly found a sound that works incredibly well here, the songs are great but I’m not sure how easy it will be to engage an audience live with this, as this EP it’s really a record to unwind to, more than it is ever meant to be moshed to (not that you can mosh at Warped, I’m told). Highlights are of this EP are Fear To Feel and Torture & The Tears.



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