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Review: Sudden Suspension – There’s A Bigger Picture Here EP.

sudden suspension there s a bigger picture here coverPop Punk trio, Sudden Suspension release their new EP this week, There’s A Bigger Picture Here, through Bad Timing Records and you can hear a complete stream of the EP through Absolute Punk right now before it’s release on the 16th June. The trio from Indiana have a Chicago vibe to them reminiscent of bands such as Real Friends and New Found Glory, and from the sounds of this EP, no bad thing to be.

We’ll Always Have Each Other is an acoustic sounding track, reminiscent of State Champs on their Acoustic Things record, with some great writing and some big hooks. Sudden Suspension have made some great tracks on this record throughout, it can be considered quite generic american pop punk, however, it’s written well, and some great riffs throughout that really set this apart, tracks like Footsteps and Cheap Seats are stand out songs on this record, with some great choruses and a band who are certainly making music that any pop punk fan would want to listen to.

Sudden Suspension as musicians have a great sound collectively, with raw and aggressive guitar work and big drum beats that make good pop punk music, which Stasi’s vocals work perfectly on. Back Roads is a good example of all these things coming together perfectly. There’s A Bigger Picture Here does work incredibly well all together. It’s produced by Seth Henderson who worked on Real Friend’s debut and the excellent While I Stay Secluded, Knuckle Puck’s EP, which almost makes it’s quality inevitable.

This is a great EP and definitely worth giving a listen if you like Real Friends, The Wonder Years or State Champs, Sudden Suspension have the best of those three bands here, great writing, awesome melodies, and certainly a band that makes good music, but how do you stand out when you reminded of so many other people listening? It’s good but their own sound is still to be found.



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