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Review: Blood Youth – Inside My Head EP.

Soon to be on tour with Hopeless Record’s most recent British signees, Thrash Boat, Blood Youth release their EP, Inside My Head next week through Rude Records. Hailing from Lincoln, the band have been building a good reputation quickly and it should be interesting what they have made on their debut record.

The EP was partly produced with Seb Barlow whose worked with Neck Deep and Roam, and Johnny Renshaw whose worked with Devil Sold His Soul, and the quality here on this EP shines through from the start with a good sound to it. The vocals sound excellent, the combination of raw screaming and singing works incredibly well on Piece by Piece and continues throughout the EP, this EP a dogged attack on your eardrums in the best ways.

With thrashy guitars and drums to wake up the dead throughout the EP, Blood Youth certainly have a set of musicians that know what they’re doing, and it’s clear throughout, tracks like Failure and Cold Sweat really make it clear. The band make a very strong EP and certainly a record that live will be something else – if the pictures from Download are anything to go by, this band are doing a pretty good job at getting a gig started.

Blood Youth have made a great EP, sometimes maybe a little messy, it works in it’s favour, with a raw edge to this music, that really sets them apart from the others. Inside My Head is short but sweet, highlights include Dead Space, Piece By Piece and Failure – a lot has changed for this band very quickly, but their quality, certainly has not gone away.

You can hear a complete stream of the EP through the Rude Records Youtube page here.





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