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Review: Runaway Kids – Better Days EP.

bdLA punks, Runaway Kids (formerly known as Betrayal) this time next week release their EP, Better Days. Produced with Cameron Webb, who has worked with bands such as Silverstein and Pennywise, whose bassist Randy Bradbury features throughout the EP it should sound pretty good. Runaway Kids are premiering the music video for Better Days on Punktastic right now, one of the highlights of this EP.

With big hooks that anyone could join in with, the chorus of opening track, Afraid is one of those tracks which will definitely get people moving, the theme of the EP is making mistakes and recovering from them, and it’s consistent, the message clear throughout. No Direction, has again a chorus that people will join in with, it’s not the best writing in places, but, it will be stuck in your head all day.

Armstrong’s vocals are raw throughout this EP, with a blend of singing and an gravelly tone that really works well together on this record, really leading this band well on this record. Afraid again makes this clear, and Take Deep Breaths, has this intensity but a way to it that makes it get stuck in your head and it sets this band apart. It is some great punk rock they have made on this EP, with some big pop hooks that they’ve worked incredibly  well into the songs throughout.

Runaway Kids new EP Better Days, is very good, with some grinding guitars and some great songs that are going to get a live crowd going, with eponymous track, Better Days really bringing together the best parts of this band together in one song – it’s not surprising they took the name of the record from it. Highlights of this EP are I Remember, Afraid and No Direction, but there’s not a bad track on this.




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