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Review: Demons – Great Dismal EP.

demons cover artDemons, the brainchild of Zack Gehring, guitarist of Mae – a band that sold half a million records, release their EP this week through Spartan Records, Great Dismal – which is certainly not a description of the music that has been made on this record. An outlet for Gehring to release his demons, the band have a grand sound and real display of some great musicians.

There’s is a lot of good stuff going on, from some big alternative guitars at the beginning of the record on Lenora Slaughter, to finishing the record with the acoustic sounding Quietly Waiting, which has a graceful simplicity to it, which is perfect to finish this EP with, with a pace perfect for the vocals that Gehring has.

The writing here is solid and some great depth, tracks like There Is No Reward and Quietly Waiting show the strength of the writing on this EP, there’s some good choruses here, though there is some great emotion here on this record, that doesn’t make these choruses sound cliche, they sound great. Godless Girls really shows all the best parts of this record too, with some great guitar melodies and some excellent writing.

Great Dismal is a very good EP, with some essential listening for those who like some good bass lines, some fantastic writing and acoustic melodies that work incredibly well on this record. Highlights of this EP are Godless Girls, Parrallel lines and Quietly Waiting. It’s a great debut from this band, going on these tracks, it’s clearly a band with a lot of potential, I look forward to what comes next.



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