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Review: No Tide – Death Of The Sun.

Nebraska pop punk band, No Tide release their new album next week, Death Of The Sun, through Take This To Heart Records. The band are prolific, in only a short time the band have released 3 EPs, a split and toured the US, and Death Of The Sun is their first LP, which continues their hard work.

True to their pop punk vibes, No Tide bring that typical angst that we know so well in the genre, but in a not so typical way, with a new spin on a sound so over done – there’s a lot of interesting melodies here, particularly the drums, which really give a great foundation to the record, particularly on tracks such as Delusions Of Grandeur and Daylight Savings, where the drum work really shines through on this.

The guitars are also some classic pop punk riffs, tracks such as Night Cap and Heckler, make that clear, making for a great record, with some big choruses that will sound great live. Will Connor’s vocals are strong throughout this album, though the production in places may seem a little  amateurish, giving the record a rough sound it seems, but the record is put together well, each song working together, the album flows pretty well and has some stand out tracks throughout.

No Tide, have a great album here with Death Of The Sun, with angst, riffs and some drumwork that sets this band apart, the band have created an excellent first album here. There are many highlights of this record, but for me the tracks that stand out are Night Cap, Delusions Of Grandeur and Daylight Savings. Death Of The Sun is certainly worth giving a listen if you like your pop punk raw and drenched in great drumwork – No Tide’s record comes out on June 30th, treat yourself.



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