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Review: Nyves – Anxiety.

Nyves, the project of Ryan Clark the writer Demon Hunter, and Randy Torres the vocalist and lyricist of Project 86, release their album this week, Anxiety via Spartan Records. A combination of electronic and rock, Anxiety has a certain darkness to it, with some great depth that is rarely done this well.

There is some huge beats on this record, as soon as it’s begun and really reflects the expertise in sound these guys have, tracks like Fall Behind and Smoking Gun, bringing heavy beats that are unique to Nyves, and make for an interesting record here. The vocals are strong throughout too, which compliment the beats well.

Lyrically strong from the start, there’s some very grand choruses on this record, in some places it can seem a little repetitive, but the songs are catchy and have a good balance of depth and originality that this duo do well. Nyves have a dark feel to the record, and that shows with the writing here, its a ¬†personal record, with some big melodies that really make this music easy to listen to.

Nyves, have made a great and unique record with some amazing beats and fantastic lyrics with a dark depth to them, which makes for a great but uneasy listen. The highlights of this record are Smoking Gun, Just Give Up and the last track on the album Light. Anxiety is certainly worth giving a listen if you like influences such as Nine Inch Nails or Depeche Mode, it’s a bringing together of many influences in a great way.



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