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Review: Citizen – Everybody Is Going To Heaven.

Citizen release their new album their new album this week, Everybody Is Going To Heaven through Run For Cover Records, the follow up to the album that really got people’s attention, Youth. You can find a stream of Citizen’s new record through Spin’s website here. The band are excellent live, and you can see Citizen on Warped tour all summer.

This band continue that atmospheric tone on this record that they do so well, and take the best of what they have used on previous records and have really explored their sound better on Everybody Is Going To Heaven. My Favourite Colour and Numb Yourself really demonstrate just what they bring to this record perfectly, with an alternative tone and Kereke’s vocals that are still brilliantly unique, some things should never change, that is one.

Writing is always strong on a Citizen album, and this album is certainly no different with strong verses and some good choruses in places, but really the thing that impresses me most, is how they are sung, this band are great at expressing the mood through great guitar work and beats that just make this band’s records stand out in so many ways – the lyrics are great, but the music is excellent.

Everybody Is Going To Heaven is a great record, with an incredible amount of talent and a good follow up to Youth, bringing together the best that this band could do and more as they explore sound more on this record. Produced by Will Yip whose expertise on records is incredible already, (Rooms Of The House, Die On Stage etc) I can’t imagine how this record could possibly be bad at all. Highlights of Everybody Is Going To Heaven are My Favourite Colour, Stain and Numb Yourself, but you won’t be disappointed by this record whatsoever.





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