Book Review: Ellie Rose McKee – Wake & Still Dreaming.

Still Dreaming Front CoverEllie Rose McKee is an Irish writer and poet, whose written three publications so far, Wake, Still Dreaming and Four Season Summer/Season’s End – two of which include poetry, these first two books I’ll be discussing here. A talented writer who is increasingly gaining attention in her homeland, McKee’s work is emotional and poignant, and certainly deserving of more attention.

Still Dreaming has many highlights, my personal favourite poem, The Switch is a poem that many can relate to, the want of having a ‘simple click’ to turn off our emotions and feeling whenever we like, but ‘alas, life is not so simple’ which gives her poetry such integrity, At Peace follows in the same vein, with a sincerity that is quite rare and something that I enjoy about the author’s writing. McKee’s short Stories in Wake are very good too, Emily standing out in particular, the writer making a fable almost from the tale, it’s certainly an excellent  book.

Wake Front CoverWake was republished last month and another collection of short stories and poems, which begin to show the development of the writer. McKee’s short stories come into their own in this book, particularly Remembrance and Tasks, which really show the quality of her writing to it’s fullest, with a very real tone to her writing that allows you to create a connection with it. Poetically, it’s strong, poems like Real Love and Triumph are for want of a better word, poetic, and incredibly easy to read.

These books are excellent, and certainly worth a read, showing the real development of a very good writer. There are many highlights in these books, but for me Triumph and Remembrance in Wake, and in Still Dreaming, The Switch and At Peace, however I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

You can find out more about Ellie’s work through her Facebook page here.



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