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Review: Thy Art Is Murder – Holy War.

Photography by Thomas SavageAustralian Deathcore band, Thy Art Is Murder release their new album today via Nuclear Blast. The band are known for making some excellent noises and will be playing some shows in the UK during August in London and Manchester. You can listen to a complete stream of the band’s new record thanks to Rocksound.

The raw vocal power throughout this record is brutal and is a wrecking ball to all ear drums, the production making it clear this band mean business straight from the start of the record, bringing in a dramatic flair and building a sound that is raised throughout the record, the sound is methodical with soaring guitars, that make this album well paced but still keeping it heavy.

Writing wise, beyond all the screaming, it’s got a very good basis, with a good writing style that works with the music they make, which really is the vocal point, riffs are abound on this record throughout, Fur And Claw for example raises the game in guitar work and this continues on tracks like Emptiness. To just point out the guitars would be unfair though, the rhythm section is exceptional here, and live this going to be one hell of a set.

Holy War is a very good album, the vocals are raw and extreme and the musicians on this record are second to none, big riffs and beats throughout the album that is certainly unique to Thy Art Is Murder. Highlights of this album are Fur And Claw, Emptiness and the eponymous track, Holy War. It’s a great follow up to Hate, their last release.

In Australia and the EU, the UK, come outs today, if you like your deathcore, it’s a must listen.



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