The Best Albums of 2015: Part I

2015albumsThis year has been a good start for new music, with records at the beginning of the year from Enter Shikari and new records coming out in June from Citizen and Man Overboard. July begins with news of records coming from The Wonder Years and Brand New, and with that 2015 looks pretty awesome. This is a lookback of some of the highlights of this year so far.

1. The Mindsweep, Enter Shikari (Hopeless Records) – Coming out in January of this year, Enter Shikari released The Mindsweep, a political album for the ages, with huge melodies and a great blend of poetry and vocals. The album is unique from the start and something only a band like Enter Shikari could deliver – proving they still are one of the most exciting bands out there right now.

2. American Candy, The Maine (8123) –  One of the few bands who can really show a great development in their sound, The Maine continue to be amazing, when it comes to making records. Self produced in Joshua Tree, California, American Candy has some flawless writing and poignancy that very few writers can do as well as John O’Callaghan.

3. Peripheral Vision, Turnover (Run For Cover) – big melodies abound on this record, Run For Cover Records has some of the best bands on it’s label and Turnover prove it, with a record unique to them and gentle vocals which work perfectly to the sound they’re making – the band will be on tour with Lydia and Seahaven in the Autumn across the US, and I am incredibly jealous of America right now for those reasons.

4. The Querencia, Seafair (Independent) – A little known band for some reason, Seafair’s record is a perfect combination of rock and classical, it’s just how it should be done, the record is flawless from beginning to the end. Chayla Hope’s vocals are spot on and the melodies fit perfectly with everything she does, a band that deserve so much more recognition than they have.

5. Supersonic Home, Adventures (Topshelf Records) – Pittsburgh’s finest, Adventures released their album and it was awesome, one of the stand out albums of the year so far for me, the album is just put together excellently, and the vocals are on point. Adventurous with their sound, I look forward to whatever they do next, this band have a lot more to do, with melodies and drum runs that are excellent alone, then the bonus of the vocals, Supersonic Home is an amazing record.

There are of course loads of bands I couldn’t mention, The Story So Far’s new record is incredible, All Time Low’s Future Hearts is catchy as hell, and their songs will get stuck in your head, you can fight it, but you will fail. Of couse Heavy Love, AOID by Ratboys and Citizen’s new record are all awesome too, but these are definitely my highlights! What are yours?


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