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Review: Joy Williams – Venus.

One half of the Civil Wars, Joy Williams, released her solo record Venus last week through Columbia Records. With some soft vocals and big synth melodies, Venus is a great record. You can hear a complete stream of the record through Spotify or through the Guardian website.

The record creates an atmosphere and has dramatic melodies that run through out, making it clear William’s knows what she wants from this record straight from the start when it comes to what she wants this record to sound like. Before I Sleep/Sweet Love Of Mine are a perfect combination of opening songs, setting the mood for the album excellently.

Joy Williams has an incredible voice, Woman (Oh Mama) shows that hard vocal she can have and the big notes work perfectly for her, which is great, but the soft melodic vocals displayed on this record are really easy to listen to, and they balance each other out here on Venus. Sometimes some songs seem out of place here, with the dynamic changing quickly, sometimes it doesn’t flow well, however there’s no bad songs here, just slightly confusing tracklisting. Well written throughout the record, the songs are poetic and suit her style perfectly, catchy hooks aren’t important when you can write like this lady does.

Venus is good music, with big melodies and beat with the great vocals from Williams are unique in all the best ways. A great collection of songs, the quality is good, but how it’s put together can feel a little all over the place. There’s plenty of highlights here, Not Good Enough, opening track Before I Sleep and The Dying Kind are the tracks that stand out for me here. Reminscent of musicians such as Kate Bush, she really channels her inspirations through her music, and Venus makes that clear.




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