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Review: Tigerwine – Lull EP.

Tigerwine Lull Digital CoverTigerwine release their new EP, Lull, on the 16th July through Blood & Ink Records. Formed in 2012, the band have grunge, emo and hardcore influences which they infuse together to make their own sound. Mastered by Bill Henderson whose worked with Hostage Calm and Make Do And Mend, it’s got a lot of promise with a talent like that working on it.

The band’s grunge influences are pretty clear on this EP, particularly on tracks like Buzzwords and Twig, the melodies working with the vocals greatly. The guitars throughout bring a grunge edge to the songs, and the vocals have that raw edge of Hardcore, bringing together their tastes really well together, Crucial Taunt certainly shows this on Lull.

Lyrically simple, there’s some great lines and choruses here on this EP, Sharp Elbows springs to mind, however throughout there’s good writing on Lull. This EP is very good, and show the strengths particularly musically of this band. Tigerwine bring together their musical influences well here, and it sounds excellent together – highlights for me are Sharp Elbows, Buzzwords and Twig, but as an EP it sound awesome.

You can listen to the band’s first single, Crucial Taunt on the PunkNews website now.



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