Singles You Should Have Heard This Year.

2015 has been a strong year already, and with new music coming in the next few months from some exceptional bands, singles are a great first taste of what’s to come, these are five tracks you should here to prepare you for the next six months of music.

1. Mene, Brand New – Released earlier this year, Mene is hopefully the first single of a new album that will come out this year. The first single the band have released in six years, Mene is a good different for this band, and you can hear it now on Spotify. The band are doing some shows with Basement who have recently returned from hiatus themselves and you can probably stalk the new album through their website here.

2. Cardinals, The Wonder Years – The Wonder Years release their new album in September! The follow up to The Greatest Generation, No Closer To Heaven is probably going to be awesome, if their previous albums are anything to go by. You can pre-order the new album through Hopeless Records or for those in the UK, through Silver Bullet Merch – if Cardinals is anything to go by, this album is a must own for 2015.

3. Can’t Kick Up The Roots, Neck Deep – Neck Deep are a pretty good band, and are killing it on Warped tour right now as they begin the promotion machine for their new album, Life’s Not Out To Get You, which going on this single is a going to be pretty good. Anything but generic these days im sound, Can’t Kick Up The Roots is that generic got to leave my hometown pop punk song you need in your life right now – Life’s Not Out To Get You is out August 14th.

4. The Divine Zero, Pierce The Veil – It’s been such a long time, new music from this band and The Divine Zero is the first single from an album that doesn’t even have a name, it be lucky if it even comes out in 2015 – the follow up to Collide With The Sky, which brought this band to the fore. Pierce The Veil have a unique sound and once again on this song made that it is pretty clear. You can hear the single on Spotify now.

5. Up In Flames, Blessthefall – You can hear live versions in high quality of this song which they have been playing on Warped tour this summer. Off their upcoming record, To Those Left Behind, Up In Flames goes hard, and Bokan’s vocals are awesome live on this track. You can hear the track’s premiere on July 9th or on tour, It’s gonna be certainly worth a listen as it’s making circle pits at Warped this year.

Some great tracks here, let me know what you’re looking forward to this year below.


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