Book Review: Ellie Rose McKee – Four Season Summer & Season’s End.

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Ellie Rose McKee, is an Irish writer of short stories and poems, and does them extremely well, as you can read in my last review. She has this latest publication, a two part story, Season’s End the short sequel to Four Season Summer, a story about strength and relationships and the passing of time.

Broken into four parts it tell the story of Tom and how his life changes over the course of a Summer,  the story unfolds well and doesn’t lose it’s dynamic even though the scene changes frequently, McKee is a great short story writer and this works well for her as she can formulate these chapters so easily, and makes for great reading, particularly the character development you seen in such a short amount of writing.

Season’s End, the second part of the story unfolds four years after Four Season Summer, where again the characters have

Woman is watching the beautiful sunset

evolved, and the strength of the author’s writing is on show. Season’s End sees the impact of the last book and keeps the story connecting well and with a great deal of realism as well, as people adjust to the change in their lives, well, the characters.

Four Season Summer and Season’s End are excellent stories and they connect together, making the story easy to follow and make the characters easily to connect with and like. Very well written, McKee continues to show great promise in her story writing, it’s certainly worth a read if you want something short and sweet to read this Summer.

You can purchase the books through Amazon Kindle now and you can see a previous review of her previous books, Wake and Still Dreaming here – this young writer has a lot of talent.


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