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Review: Arthur Walwin – Sleepless.

SleeplessArthur Walwin has been gaining ground for a long time and gaining attention from radio and getting recognition for his music that surprises people that he makes his music alone, as the sound is so big and this comes before his new album, Sleepless which is released after two years of work on the 27th July.

This album is a slick mix of pop punk and electronic vibes brought together perfectly well here, it’s a very likeable record, the melodies are excellent with some fun beats that can get anyone tapping their toes, tracks like Bad and Again & Again are excellent songs, these songs show Walwin’s hard work, and they need to be listened to, they are that good.

There are great choruses throughout the album that are reminiscent of bands such as The Summer Set or The Ready Set, with the beats to boot, tracks such as Sweet and This Feels Like Summer, have some big hooks and are great pop songs, Walwin has a great writing style and the album works so well together, and collects together alot of influences, with some great electronic beats, with pop punk and rock influences, and near the end, some acoustic sounds that work excellently together, I Miss You in particular.

Sleepless is a fun record, really displaying some great melodies and some big hooks that make this record a lot of fun to listen to. Walwin brings all his influences perfectly together, it’s no surprise he’s been working on this for so long, you can hear the hard work on this record and it certainly pays off. Highlights on this record for me are Bad, Sweet and This Feels Like Summer, however each song works on this album, it’s a really difficult decision to make as Walwin has made an interesting record here that is certainly worth a listen.



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