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Review: Templeton Pek – New Horizons.

Birminingham based trio, Templeton Pek, release their new record, New Horizons on July 24th through Hardline Entertainment. Recorded in Hermosa Beach, California, which has been home to the Descendents and Black Flag, the band took those influences and made this album, it was mixed by Cameron Webb too, whose worked with bands such as Sum 41 and Motorhead, there’s talent here.

From the start of the record this record gets heavy, with some big guitar riffs and drum runs that are certainly inspired by the local scene, tracks such as One More Enemy and Skylines illustrate that and the melodic riffs created on tracks such as Lost On You are awesome on this record throughout. Templeton Pek are very good at this as shown on their previous record and it continues again on this album with some big riffs that stand out throughout this record.

Writing wise, this album is strong throughout, it has depth and it’s emotional and has some great lines, tracks like Fractures stand out and Smoke And Mirrors has a huge chorus that will be great at a live show in the future.Templeton Pek’s vocalist Neal, has a raw vocal that works on this record perfectly, and the record works together, it’s definitely worthy of a lot of praise, it’s one of those albums that people will join in with, with a passion and it’s not hard to hear why.

New Horizons is a great record, and brings the best of this band to the record, then includes the new influences of their surroundings, it certainly makes the title of this record make complete sense, and so does the music with big guitar riffs and some excellent drumming – Templeton Pek have made a great record here. Highlights of this album for me are Fractures, One More Enemy and Smoke & Mirrors.




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