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Review: River Jumpers – Self Titled.

coverBrighton’s River Jumpers released their new EP in April and with the recent release of their music video for Peaks and Troughs has been released, I thought I would give the EP a listen, you can see the video for the track on Youtube here.

Throughout the EP’s there’s some ferocious guitars straight from the beginning of the record, it’s quite generic pop punk, however that’s not a bad thing as the writing is strong and the band have a lot of talent with melody that stops this EP feel run of the mill, particularly with some unique drum work on offer on here, particularly, Rest Un-assured.

Playground Politics and Peaks And Troughs show the strength of the vocals in this band, Davis having a raw sound to his voice, and with the strength of the melodies and guitars this EP sounds excellent, with some good production, the positives of this EP would sound much better, however there’s a lot of good things here, and River Jumpers certainly have made a good record.

River Jumper’s self titled has an excellent sound and has a consistently good sound throughout, worth a listen if you like bands such as State Champs and Neck Deep, River Jumpers have a great EP here. Highlights are Rest Un-assured and Peaks And Troughs.



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