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Review: Brigades – Indefinite.

brigadesBrigades release Indefinite on the 24th of this month through Pure Noise Records, and you can find a stream of the record here, the band release the record as they tour the USA with the Common Vision tour headlined by Every Time I Die, which looks to be one of the biggest tours of 2015 and it’s an album that people are being impressed by and it’s easy to hear why.

The guitars are raw and ready from the start of this record, with some excellent beats running throughout the record, the band having a great ear for melody straight from the start, Foxholes & Deathbeds and title track Indefinite make this clear. Indefinite as a complete record has a real strength when it comes to the music, it’s definitely rhythmically something the band should be proud of – some great guitars combined with some furious drumwork.

Lyrically strong, the writing is very good on this record, it has big choruses in places however there’s some strong writing, Undertow and Cyanide Chaser really make the case for this, with some unique construction on these songs. Brigades on this record can slow down the pace and speed it back up effortlessly, Over and Over straight after Cyanide Chaser link effortlessly, even though it shouldn’t work it does – the production is exceptional.

Brigade’s new record is excellent consistently, and certainly a return to form for the band, who have changed their sound up on this record. There’s plenty of highlights on this album, these include Foxholes And Deathbeds, Running Blind and Undertow, however this album is pretty good throughout and sounds like an album that would sound awesome live. Pure Noise Records continue their run of excellent records in 2015, that place is doing things right.



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