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Review: Knuckle Puck – Copacetic.

Knuckle Puck is releasing their debut record, Copacetic through Rise Records on July 31st. The band, who are on Warped Tour all Summer this year, and have recently been on the tour in the UK with Neck Deep, have a growing following and live it’s not hard to see why with some great live shows under their belt, a debut is awaited.

I have stated many times that pop punk is a busy genre these days, and you need to be able to stand out to get heard, but now I am beginning to believe that you have to sound all the same. and I fear this is the case with this album. On hearing this record, it reminded me of several other records, and it’s not a good thing for music.

Lyrically strong throughout this record, Knuckle Puck have a unique style of writing and it does show on this record incredibly well, tracks like Poison Pen Letter and Stationary are really good and will sound excellent live in the future. Tracks such as Disdain make it clear why it was the lead track on the album, with the raw vocals and bringing in a big drum beat, and it shows what Knuckle Puck can do in all the right ways.

Copacetic means for something to be in excellent order, and granted that is a good name for this record, it’s produced incredibly well and works together perfectly, the producer has coordinated the tracks well, Ponder and Evergreen are perfectly placed together and this goes on throughout the record. Highlights of this record are Evergreen, Poison Pen Letter and Disdain, but if you like your pop punk sad and raw, Copacetic is really perfect for you.

You can hear a complete stream of Copacetic thanks to Rock Sound here.



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