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Review: Stone Foundation – A Life Unlimited.

sfStone Foundation have a retro vibe, but this album, their fourth, still sounds pretty cool, with A Life Unlimited coming out on the 7th August through The Turning Point and Republic Of Music. The band have created a unique soul record with some really nice grooves and beats that really keep your interest throughout.

The band know how to make a melody and they know it, with some huge tracks on this record that can’t stop you tapping your feet, Learning The Hard Way and A Love Uprising make the case for it, however this band also know how to slow things down, the slow saxophone in tracks such as Old Partners, New Dances and Something In The Light make it clear.

The vocals are excellent too, and are perfectly suited which makes this album a pleasure to listen to, working with the band, the vocals really make for some great songs. Beverly is a great lead single on this record and brings those funky beats and vocals together perfectly, it’s an excellent choice. The use of unique and different instruments and sounds make for an album that really displays all the talents of this band and A Life Unlimited really shows all the best parts of this band.

A Life Unlimited is a very good record with some big melodies, hooks and some awesome collaborations that really raise the game. Stone Foundation had done an amazing job at showing what they do best on their new record and it’s awesome to listen to. Highlights for me are Learning The Hard Way, Beverly and The Turnaround however this album is very good and worth a listen if you like that James Brown vibe, that this band rock so well in their own way.



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