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Review: Cardinal Heart – In The Clouds.

In The Clouds cover artCardinal Heart are a three piece Indie band from Illinois, and they’re latest release is In The Clouds which was released this week, and you can listen to through their bandcamp right now. The band though in their infancy are certainly making a sound unique to themselves and finding their feet quickly, this record shows that.

The production is very good on this record, which is great for this band, as it really shows the strengths of this record. The band have some great drum beats and some strong guitarists on this album – this shows in tracks like Origami. The rhythm section are strong throughout and certainly work together incredibly well.

The mixture of different vocal styles on the record really work well on this record, No Diving spoken word intro makes the song standout and Olifirowicz vocals bring an interesting dimension to the record, this really showing on tracks throughout the album such as, Hey Mr Armstrong and Enominals, however his talents are clear throughout.

Writing wise, it’s unusual however there’s some good writing, there’s catchy parts like Hey Mr Armstrong and High On Helium, where the album takes it’s name from, however there is great depth to this record and there’s a lot of thought put into the writing, it may not seem it with titles like, ‘You Stole My Heart, But More Importantly My Bagel Bites’ but don’t just a track on it’s title, as it’s one of the highlights of this album, and Puddle, the track that follows that, is just as good.

Cardinal Heart have made a great debut album here, In The Clouds brings together a bunch of influences and it works well for the most part. Lots of interestings riffs and melodies that make for some great listening. Highlights for me ‘You Stole My Heart, But More Importantly My Bagel Bites’, No Diving and Puddle, but I wouldn’t call any of the songs on this record weak, go check it out.




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