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Review: Patent Pending – Armageddon EP.

patent pending cover artNew York pop punk band, Patent Pending yesterday released their new EP, Armageddon through their new label, Rude Records. The band are known for their diverse song subjects and a real connection with fans that has brought this band a lot of deserved attention. The band tour the UK in November.

This EP does make it pretty clear just how good this band are at making some great melodies that you can easily dance to, tracks such as Tick Tick Boom and Too Much To Think, really show they make songs to get people moving, tracks like this are perfect for a live show in the future and will get people joining in incredibly easily.

There’s some great choruses throughout that are certain to get stuck in your head, tracks like We’re Getting Weird and Tick Tick Boom are perfect pop songs that are infectious and what Patent Pending do best, and easy enough to relate to, tracks like The Way I See It, are easy to connect with and those melodies really work together excellently. Brighter, their latest single is a nice little tune, that really is the highlight of this EP.

Armageddon is good, and there’s a some highlights on this record, however there’s nothing new here, and there’s melodies that have been a little done over and over again, if you love Patent Pending, you will love this record, but if you like your pop punk more pop than punk, go listen to Future Hearts or Five Seconds Of Summer’s self titled.




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