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Review: I The Victor – Pause EP.

itvI The Victor who combine pop, punk and spoken word, release their new EP this month, Pause. Produced with people who have worked with All Time Low, Set It Off and The Ready Set so Rebecca Ramos, the band’s sole member and tunesmith should have some excellent tracks on this EP.

Full of infectious rhythms and great melodies, Pause has a lot going for it, with some great use of drum beats and synth, and combining this with vocals from Ramos who can have soft vocals and then use of spoken words on tracks such as Toothpick, work excellently with the melodies I The Victor have created.

Full of catchy melodies and choruses, tracks like Write To Say exemplify that with the best of I The Victor shown in that song, but those funky melodies, positive vibes and awesome vocals really make these songs sound excellent, and on the first listen so easy to like. Plans (None Of Them) really shine a light on Ramos’ vocals, and though sometimes a little drowned by the big melodies she creates, it really is quite lovely to listen to.

Pause is a great EP, with some big hooks and melodies, Ramos’ style is excellent and her talents shine throughout, I can’t dislike much of it really. Highlights for me are Toothpick, Write To Say and Glxy Drvr but this whole EP is very well done. You can find a stream of the EP on the Alternative Press website here.




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