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Review: Sharkmuffin – Chartreuse.

SMSharkmuffin, an all girl trio, release their album this week, Chartreuse, which is out on the 7th of this month. Bringing together a pop grunge vibe to their record, the New York natives make a great record here, made up of fuzzy melodies and raw vocals, Sharkmuffin are a band not to be messed with.

Reminiscent of bands such as Honeyblood and Hole, they fuse those fuzzy sounds and vocals incredibly well together and this makes the band distinct, bringing together their influences in a unique way. The sounds suits the record as the guitars crunch and Schemel on drums really makes for some great melodies and beats that make you wanna jump around to it.

Karra and Thiessen’s vocals combined are excellent throughout, with a diverse sound to their records, tracks such as Now are excellent and so are tracks like Night Light, which really reflect how strong the vocals are on this record with some great and spikey lyrics that could start a moshpit with ease, I Called You From The Moon certainly one that could start a gig off wiith enough energy in that track to get you to the Moon.

There’s a lot of great stuff on this record, with big beats, huge melodies and some vocals that are excellent to your eardrums, the whole thing works really well together and sounds awesome throughout, making for some excellent production on this record making it sound that doesn’t feel underwhelming. Highlights for me on this record are opening and eponymous track, Chartreuse, I Called You From The Moon and Now, however it’s got songs that will make you pay attention to them throughout.



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