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Review: Miss May I – Deathless.

Melodic Hardcore band, Miss May I, release their new album Deathless on August 7th through Rise Records. The Ohio natives follow up from last album Rise Of The Lion which got some great reviews, and so Deathless has a lot to live up to. You can hear a complete stream of the album through Kerrang! Here.

The vocals on this record are terrifyingly terrific, with a raw scream throughout that only Benton could do with such excellence. The writing does help, with some great depth on this record, tracks like Psychotic Romantic and title track Deathless are excellently written and hearing them screamed through speakers is a macabre delight. (You don’t get to write that often). The mixture of vocals, the screaming and singing, on tracks like Turn Back The Time, are also done excellently, this band knows what their strengths are.

The drums on this record are superb with some big drum beats throughout, you don’t get to hear them alone much, but working with the big riffs and melodies this band have made, they work incredibly well in sync with one another. Big tracks like Arise and Bastards Left Behind are great examples of what this band do best on this album, with big riffs and melodies that sum up this band’s sound no end.

Though hard to distinguish yourself on an ever filling scene, there’s a lot of unique guitar work and excellent vocals that really make sure this band continue to stand out on this alum. Possibly their most aggressive album to date from Miss May I, there’s still life in this band yet, and this album does prove it – more to do for this band to improve on, but a really great record to follow up with.

You can find lyrics for the Deathless record here.



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