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Review: Secret Eyes – Comatose.

secret eyes comatose coverSecret Eyes, release their new album today, Comatose through Tragic Hero Recordings. With collaborations with people such as Craig Mabbit and Micheal Jagmin, they have some excellent collaborators on this record with them. You can listen to a stream of the whole album through the idobi website, here.

Cooper’s vocals are different for this kind of sound,  but it works well, the blend of vocals, the combination of singing and screams on tracks such as Under The Stars give them something new to bring into a saturated scene. The group vocals are used well too here on this record, Kiss For Kill being where you can hear that.

The collaborations are many on this record, Johnny Craig, Jagmin and Mabbit all featured on this record, and they are certainly not wasted, Oh Dear being a great first single with Craig – and the acoustic version of the same song, sounds great to wrap the album up with too. Ships, the track made with Mabbit is intense and the band work harder on the sound when they work in collaboration and gives the album some highlights. Our Love with Jagmin begins with a great melody that doesn’t neccesarily fit on the record, but it does show this band are work harder when they are working with their influences.

Musically, there’s some good drum work and some interesting melodies, the drums really being the thing that you can hear on this record, Gallagher really does put alot of passion into this record and really gives this album a solid foundation which is really needed.

Secret Eyes, have some great stuff on this record in places with some strong guitars when they work at it, and some excellent rhythms – the vocals are strong and reminiscent of bands such as Alive Like Me and Sleeping With Sirens, with a higher vocal, but one that works well with the music they make – this is a band that does work well together. Highlights for me on this record are Ships, Our Love and the acoustic version of Oh Dear is composed well, and is certainly worth a listen.



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