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Review: BL’AST! – For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire!

BL'AST! - For Those Who've Graced The Fire! - Blood Red 7Bl’ast have just recently signed to Rise Records, and their first release through the label is their two song EP, For Those Who Graced The Fire! which you can give listen to here. Working with Dave Grohl on this EP, this is certainly a band who can attract talent, crossing a broad band of genres the band create their own sound on this short EP very well.

The band have a rough and roaring sound to first track For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire with twangy riffs and some great drum work, that gives the vocals a great foundation. The EP has some great rhythm sections but nothing that really stands out, and this continues on The Pulse the second track on the record.

The production lets it down a little, as I think it deserves a cleaner and crisper sound to it that these tracks deserve, where it works for bands such as Citizen for example, it doesn’t work for this band, vocally however it’s pretty strong, and the honest vocals of Dinsmore are excellent and are certainly worth giving a listen for.

For Those Who’ve Graced The Fire is alright, it’s got some great musicians and some good vocals, there’s some highlights here, but I’d wait it out and wait for more from this band as they bring together a complete record in the future and see what direction from there they head in. Worth giving a listen to a band who have a lot of expertise in this genre.




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