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Review: Chelsea Wolfe – Abyss.

Chelsea Wolfe released her new record on the 7th August, Abyss through Sargent House. Known for a moody sound and dark sound, Chelsea Wolfe tour across the US and Europe in the coming months with either Wovenhand and A Dead Forest Index and you can hear the new record through Spotify here right now.

Abyss has a great atmosphere which creates an intense sound throughout, the songs are long, but it works for this band, where more is excellent on here. Gentle guitars flow throughout the record on an abudance of  great drum beats that really give this album a good pace, tracks such as Iron Moon really are these things coming together perfectly.

Wolfe’s vocals are soft and whispy which feels slightly out of place with the big sounds on the record, but it works as the record begins, tracks like Dragged Out with the different vocal arrangements really are unique to this musician and worth a listen to. This with the depth of the lyrics, makes for a record that makes you feel something listening to it, and that’s something that’s incredibly rare to do. It’s slow pace makes it easy to listen to, but it is slightly unsettling – one of the most interesting records I’ve heard this year.

Surrounded by an excellent band on this record with some great rhythms and uncommon melodies, Chelsea Wolfe’s vocals are refreshing on this record, with tracks like Grey Day and Dragged Out really highlighting this, however the melodies and beats on this record really make this record come into it’s own – it’s not shocking that though a folk musican she attracts metal fans, it’s dark and melodic throughout. Highlights for me on this record are Dragged Out, After The Fall and and the acoustic folk vibe on Crazy Love.



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